Michelle Keegan’s Gym Gear Will Make You Want To Sweat

Instagram: @MichKeegan

If anything’s going to inspire us to hit the gym this winter, it’s Michelle Keegan.

But not just because of her incredible bod… Nope. We’re now lusting after her too cool workout wardrobe after the actress’ recent splurge at Nike.

Finding the right sports gear can be tricky. But while it’s near impossible to look cool when you’re red faced and sweat-soaked on the treadmill, some stylish gym separates can really help you get up and go.  

Michelle shared a mid-workout snap of her lying on the floor looking unbelievably gorgeous and sweat-free whilst working a grey Nike sports bra.

‘At home workout!!!! Done 10mins n I’m already bored! Hahaha’, the former Corrie star captioned the snap.

While the crop top fab is living on, we can totally imagine rocking this one with ripped jeans and strappy stilettos, RiRi-style. Or, y’know, just down the gym…

Also in Michelle’s stylish gym stash? These super cool Tiger Print Training Capris (£31.19) which she snapped up the other day.

Add on a pair of these neon pink mesh Nike trainers and you’ve got one workout wardrobe worth parading.

By Robyn Munson