Michelle Keegan Slams Women Who Make THIS Fashion Statement At Halloween

The Our Girl actress has been criticised by some fans for blasting women who dress up in their ‘underwear’ for Halloween…

Michelle Keegan is not normally known for being particularly outspoken, but the former Coronation Street actress decided to have her say on a particular bugbear of hers at the weekend.

We don’t know about you, but our Facebook feeds were flooded with photos of our mates at various Halloween bashes over the weekend – and we’re guessing Michelle’s were too, as she decided to say something about one costume in particular she was seeing over and over again…

And safe to say she’s not a fan.

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Taking to Twitter to have a rant, the 29-year-old posted: ‘Halloween… For the people who dress up in underwear and throw blood on themselves and think it’s ok… It’s not!’

Okay, so a lot of people choose Halloween as a time to go a little racy with their outfits… And there’s no denying it’s a common theme at parties. But we say each to their own – we’re all for women embracing what they’ve got!

And some fans were a little disappointed in Michelle’s comment, and criticised her for being a little harsh.


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‘Somewhat agree but it’s their bodies, you wouldn’t want someone telling you what to do with yours. Same applies,’ one person wrote.

‘Sorry but when did you write the rules? Girls can do and wear what they want without being shamed’, another tweeted in response.

Whilst a third wrote: ‘Body shaming? Why can’t they put their underwear on with blood if they feel confident ? Shame on you Michelle.’

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We’re sure Mich didn’t mean to cause any offence by her tweet – perhaps it was just one of those spur of the moment things.

Michelle recently caused a stir herself when she posted some seriously smokin’ snaps from her recent trip to Dubai with hubby Mark Wright.

The Our Girl actress practically broke the Internet with her photo of herself wearing a gorgeous nude and white crochet bikini, with Mich working beach waves and barely-there make-up.

Fun in the sun with this one @michkeegan

A photo posted by Mark Wright (@wrighty_) on

Mark also followed up with an adorable image of him swinging his lady round on the beach, looking totally smitten.

It’s so good to see these two enjoying some quality time together again. Go, the Wrights!