Michelle Keegan Is Criticised For This Fashion Choice

Michelle Keegan has long been one of our go-to ladies for fashion inspiration.

She always looks incred, whether she’s on the red carpet or dressed down for a casual outing with her hubby Mark Wright. Oh, and of course there’s her super-successful Lipsy range.

> Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are known for being a dapper couple


But not even style icons can win every time, as Mich learned when she uploaded an Instagram photo of a new pair of trainers earlier this week.

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The 28-year-old actress showed us a close-up of her new cream and black Balenciaga runners, which feature a mesh toe section and a chunky sole.

> Michelle Keegan’s shoes caused quite the stir


Plenty of people were fans of the shoes, with one follower commenting: ‘Nicest ones!’ and another writing: ‘Love these I tried to buy them in harrods last year in black but they didn’t have my size [sic].’

However, others were slightly less complimentary.

She received messages including: ‘Literally the worst trainers I’ve ever seen ahhahahahaha,’ ‘What are those,’ and ‘Horrendous! Just cos they’re Balenciaga doesn’t mean they’re nice.’ Crikey.

> Mark Wright’s trainers also got people talking


Michelle isn’t the only one who’s been sneaker shopping in recent weeks. Mark, 29, also posted a photo of a brown pair last week.

Unfortunately, his pick didn’t fare any better. He was soon inundated with notes reading: ‘Even my grandad wouldn’t wear these,’ and: ‘Fugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.’

> We’re hope Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan will still wear their trainers with pride


Hmmm. We’re all about feeling confident with your own look. So if Mich and Mark loved ’em, we’re with them.

But if you didn’t, check out our pick of this season’s trainers, you may just find a pair you prefer.

> Michelle Keegan clearly has a few pairs of sneakers in her wardrobe


Let’s hope nobody mocks your choice…