Michelle Keegan Reveals Her Biggest Wardrobe Malfunction

Michelle Keegan is never shy about getting honest. And we love just how real she is, alongside her uber glamorous appearance. 

Girl crush material at its finest, no? 

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When we last caught up with the gorgeously bronzed actress, she let us in on a secret. Reminiscing over her many red carpet wonders, Michelle told us about her very favourite awards gown, as well as a few hiccups she’s experienced during the long carpet walks. 

Over to you, Keegs… 

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet?

Once, I was eating chips at an awards ceremony and was wearing a Versace dress, and I dropped a chip with mayonnaise all down my dress! I was devastated.

The whole night I was walking around with a mayonnaise stain, down my dress!



What’s been your favourite red carpet look?

I loved the NTA look. I wore a pale green dress.

I worked with a designer called Phillip Armstrong, and said exactly what I like, the colour, the shape, and then he made it.

I loved the cut, so I felt really comfortable in the dress. I just didn’t want to take it off.



I remember I got it on the day, and it needed to be taken up. But it got taken up too short, so had to run around and find kitten heels – I wore kitten heels on the red carpet!

Luckily no one saw, no one knew I was wearing them. 

That’s sort of a malfunction that turned out good! And that was definitely my favourite red carpet look.

Aw, it happens to the best of us Keegs.