Michelle Keegan On White Teeth And Dying Her Hair Blonde

Michelle Keegan is one of those women who is naturally blessed with good genes. Flawless skin, perfect full pout, to-die-for mane… But like any girl, she knows how to make the most of what she’s got.

When it comes to her beauty looks, the Lipsy designer rarely has a hair out of place. Michelle knows how to get herself glammed up, but her day-to-day make-up regime is actually fairly low maintenance.

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> Michelle Keegan tells LOOK how she gets her teeth looking so pearly white…


Golden glow, a bit of gloss on the lips and her signature brows to frame her face is all the former Coronation Street star needs to perfect her dewy daytime look. But as always, we want to know exactly what she does to stay looking so gorge.

Which is why we grabbed the chance to grill her on all things hair and beauty when we joined Michelle at the launch of her brand new AW15 Lipsy range.

Over to you, Mich!


> Michelle Keegan admits she likes to give her hair a rest from extensions…


Inanch Gold Class Hair Extensions

Would you ever dye your hair? If so, what colour?

Yeah I would dye my hair, but I’d never go blonde, I went slightly lighter last summer but I’m a brunette at heart.

Do you ever wear extensions? What brands are your favourite?

I do wear extensions but I try to give my hair a break from time to time. I love the feeling of getting really dressed up for an occasion and they make you feel really glamourous. Inanch Gold Class are my favourites.  

> Michelle Keegan says her favourite fake lash brand is Ardell


Ardell Demi Wispie Fake Lashes, £5.49

What’s your favourite false lash brand?

Ardell! Demi Wispie are my favourite – they look natural. If I wear false eyelashes I don’t like them to look too obvious.

Your teeth always look amazing – what’s your secret? 

I have an Invisiline brace!

> Could a Michelle Keegan beauty line be in the pipeline? We would LOVE it to be!


Do you use any whitening products?

I don’t drink coffee or red wine which I really think helps, but now and again I’ll use Crest Whitening Strips to whiten them, they’re great!

If you were to start your own beauty line, what product would you design?

I’d like to focus on moisturisers and BB creams – anything which enhances your natural skin tone rather than cover it up.

Michelle’s AW15 Lipsy collection drops on Thursday…


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