Michelle Keegan: “I Don’t See Mark As Often As I’d Like”

Michelle Keegan is one busy lady. Not only has she just launched her latest Lipsy Love Michelle Keegan range (we love it, obvs), she’s been spotted filming Our Girl 2, which is due to hit our screens later this year – and all while celebrating her first wedding anniversary to Mark Wright and her 29th birthday.

Phew – we’re exhausted just thinking about it! We grabbed the former Corrie star during a quick break from filming to chat about what’s going on in her busy, busy world… 

Hey Mich! It was your birthday recently. Did you receive any nice gifts?

Yes! Mark got me a gold necklace with M&M on it, which I love. It’s Laura Gravestock and I wear her stuff quite a lot. He got me a horseshoe [necklace] as well so I wear them together.



You guys have been married a year now – do you still have date nights?

Yeah, I think that’s really important. When I was down south we’d have one once a week, whereas now I’m in Manchester and he can work at weekends, we don’t see each other as often as I’d like. But when we do see each other, we always do something.

What would you guys get up to?

Just normal things – we go for a nice dinner where we can get dressed up, or we go to the cinema and just pig out on food and wear tracksuits and it’s comfy, or we’ll have a DVD night.

When you’re going out, whose opinion on your outfits do you ask for?

It’s normally Mark. At the minute I’ve been getting ready on my own but Mark gives his opinion. He’s quite good with fashion anyway and normally I love to say that I don’t listen, but actually I do. He’ll point something out that I haven’t seen before and be like: ‘That doesn’t go.’



Is there anything that he loves you to wear?

Ooh, he likes quite sleek stuff, quite plain – like an LBD. 

Is it hard to juggle friends, work and a husband?

It is! I have to plan. Mark’s always looking at his diary and I’m looking at mine and my friends are all in a group on WhatsApp trying to arrange their time. There are so many messages! I’m always saying to him: ‘What you doing next Wednesday at four?’ [laughs].



It sounds like you’re super-busy. What else do you have coming up this year?

I’ve got my Lipsy ranges and I’m busy with Revlon at the moment. Our Girl is going to be shown in the autumn and I’ve just got a new show [ITV drama Tina And Bobby] about Bobby Moore, which I’m very excited about. Then I’m definitely going away with Mark and we’re going to have a nice relaxing holiday. We’ve both been so busy recently, so it will be nice to get away.

We can’t help but think you definitely deserve a break, Mich!

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