Michelle Keegan: ‘Why This Will Be My Best Christmas With Mark’

It’s impossible not to feel excited about Christmas around Michelle Keegan. Which is why we knew that Mich was the only girl to front our huge, bumper festive isse. After all, she’s a LOOK girl through and through – uber glamourous, the first on the dance floor and yet like us, the first to say ‘sack the diet’ when it comes to Christmas dinner.

Yep, that’s right, despite that incredible body, she’ll be tucking into a box of chocolates come Christmas morning. Could we love her any more? 

Here’s what went down when we caught up with our favourite cover star…

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michelle keegan christmas tree decorations Michelle says her and Mark take their Christmas decorations very seriously…


Merry Christmas Michelle! It’s your first as Mark’s wife, do you think it will be your best yet?

Yes! Me and Mark love Christmas, it’s our favourite time of year. The build up and going to Christmas markets and decorating the house is a big deal for us. We love it.

Where are you going to be on Christmas Day?

The past two years we’ve been in Essex so it’s our turn to be with my family in Manchester. I’ve loved being in Essex with Mark’s family because they’re very similar to mine so it’s been really nice. But there’s no place like home. I’m really looking forward to it.

michelle keegan and mark wright Michelle says this Christmas will be hers and Mark’s best yet…


What will you be wearing?

I’ll get a little dressed up in one of my Lipsy dresses. I love the striped jumpsuit [above] as it can be dressed up or down. It doesn’t need much accessorizing. I think that’s the one time that I’m allowed to wear shoes in the house, too!

It will be nice for you and Mark let your hair down after a hectic year, we imagine…

This year’s been really, really busy but it’s been a really good year as well. I can’t believe how quick it’s gone.

michelle keegan christmas coffee and magazines Michelle’s been getting into the festive spirit on Instagram


But what about present-buying, we bet he has everything…

He is the most difficult because if he wants something he’ll get it himself. I hate that! My friends and I do Secret Santa, we get together a few days before Christmas and have dinner at one of our houses. They’re coming to me this year so I’m excited.

Check out Michelle’s top New Year’s style tips in our video below!

For the full interview, pick up this week’s special Christmas double issue of LOOK…

michelle keegan and mark wright in dubai Michelle and Mark recently returned to Dubai, where they got engaged, for a romantic holiday