Michelle Keegan And Mark Wright’s Honeymoon Album

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are loving being newlyweds.

The married couple are back from their exotic honeymoon, and have been busy sharing the rest of their romantic snaps from Dubai. 



As well as flaunting a petal-filled pool/bath, Mr and Mrs Wright also proved they’re definitely the adventurous types with their latest shocker of a snap.

Mark and Michelle are seen giving the camera a thumbs up as they pose in their Atlantis Palm wetsuits with a great big SHARK chilling right behind them. Rather you than us, guys!



‘Now I know why the camera man stopped us turning around !! Just had this sent to me @michkeegan we never knew #hammerhead’, Mark captioned the image. Phew!

The couple also shared a photo of them with Mark’s brother and his girlfriend dining at Nobu in Dubai, with Michelle looking gorgeous in a little black dress, stacks of gold necklaces and hoop earrings and Mark looking suave in a navy shirt.



The new groom also wasted no time in showing off his new wedding band, posing for another thoughtful selfie pondering whether he and Michelle should go out that night.


It didn’t take long for the loved-up couple to decide whether or not to go partying. Soon after, Mark wrote alongside a photo of them: ‘Yep decision made we are going out. It could be an early one though as can’t wait to get back to this !!’

In the snap, Mark and Michelle, both 28, look totally smitten, clutching each other’s hands as they pose behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

>Instagram" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="http://keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net/wp/prod/wp-content/uploads/sites/48/2015/06/mark-wright_2-1.jpg" title="What's that we spy on Mark Wright's ring finger?!"> What’s that we spy on Mark Wright’s ring finger?!


And showing just how in tune they are, they’ve co-ordinated their outfits. Mark looks dapper in pale chinos and a navy shirt while Michelle displays her AH-mazing tan in a cute blue mini and white heels.

It’s no wonder they were tempted to stay in. Their hotel looks INCREDIBLE.

> Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s suite is ah-mazing


Mark and Michelle are staying in one of Alantis The Palm’s underwater suites, meaning there’s an *actual* fish tank built into their wall.

Yeah. Seriously.

The pair are in pretty good company. Kim and Khloe Kardashian both booked one of these rooms when they visited Dubai.


Michelle and Mark married at Suffolk’s Hengrave Hall on 24 May before jetting off on honeymoon. They first spent time relaxing in the Maldives before flying to Dubai, where they got engaged in 2013.

For the final leg of their trip, they’ve been joined by members of their family including Mark’s parents Carole and Mark Snr, his brother Josh and Michelle’s mum Jackie.

> Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright enjoy a night with their families


Footballer Josh, 25, has treated us to plenty of Instagram snaps from their vacay, which show the group chilling out in the evening and having fun at a water park.

> Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan head to a waterpark


We’re not jealous at all…

> Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright show off those honeymoon bods

Unfortunately for Mark and Michelle, their honeymoon hasn’t gone totally uninterrupted.

Last week, Michelle was forced to hit back after someone pretended to be her on Facebook and wrote a lengthy rant about being called ‘too skinny’ and ‘anorexic’.

Now Mark has penned a series of angry comments about his ex-fiancée Lauren Goodger.

He said: ‘Endless mentions RE: me and us is embarrassing. I really thought after lawyers being involved and polite pleas to stop mentioning me she would stop. Maybe not.’

‘It’s hurtful to think one person needs to mention YOU every week to earn a living. Being married to another women almost makes it unfair !!

‘If your reading this, please PLEASE respect my wife and STOP. Everyone has a past, get over it !! I really didn’t want to have to do this but enough is enough. I wish you well but leave me, my life and my wife out of it.’