This Is The Most Popular Handbag Brand Amongst Young People

Michael Kors has come up trumps with teenagers, as it's revealed to be the most popular bag brand for young people...

When it comes to designer arm candy, we all know the drill – you spend months perusing the ‘net trying to decide which is your favourite, then spent even more months saving up/waiting until it’s your birthday ’til you can finally get your hands on one.

But for teenagers, its even harder. Because, less money.

But it turns out there’s one luxury bag brand that the entire millenial population is reaching for right now… Hello, Michael Kors!

A new survey called Taking Stock With Teens, presented by investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray, has discovered that Michael Kors is officially the most popular bag brand amongst teens.

We mean, we can see why:

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Green means go. #AutumnLuxe

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With totes coming in at around £220, and the Savannah Satchel currently lighting our worlds on fire, we can totally sympathise with these teens’ MK addiction.



Michael Kors Savannah LG Satchel, £345

Coming in at second place in terms of bag brand popularity was Kate Spade with 19% of the vote. Coach was next with 10%, followed by Louis Vuitton and Longchamp.

Good taste all round.