Mermaid Blankets Are Finally Available On Your Go-To Shopping Website

Mermaid blankets are now being stocked on ASOS and everyone is going crazy over them... *adds to bag*

Any girl that tells you they wouldn’t want to be a mermaid is lying. Stat. Ever since Ariel swam onto the big screen with her bright green tail and ruby red hair we’ve been desperate to follow in her… footsteps?

Swimming lessons were a must-have and looking like a mythical sea creature made you the envy of every primary school disco. And now? We give you, the mermaid blanket.

Think slanket sans sleeves add slinky tail, the mermaid blanket gives you a fishtail while doubling as a super comfy throw. We KNOW. We can hardly believe it’s a thing, either.

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Fluffy and adorable, Instagram is well and truly swimming (see what we did there?!) with snaps of people in their very own buys  – and we want in. Okay, we know what you’re thinking. It’s almost summer and the talk of blankets isn’t exactly the optimism us Brits are riding on. Well think again, ladies – from super thin knits to extra thick yarns, there’s something for every type of weather or central heating level.

Formally only available in America via spenny Etsy sellers, the iconic mermaid blanket is now being stocked on everyone’s fave online shopping destination; ASOS! And at prices we can actually afford. 

For just £32, you can now bestow yourself mermaid status with your very own tail blanket from ASOS, as if by some sort of miracle…

Will pulling on a mermaid blanket give you the power to breathe underwater? No, but it will make you feel pretty magical. Just remember ladies, these aren’t waterproof!