10 Things You Need If You Want To Be A Real-Life Mermaid

Let’s be real – we’ve all daydreamed about being Ariel from the Little Mermaid, right?

She’s been giving us hair goals since the age of three, and we’re pretty sure that she got the ball rolling with our obsession of shiny objects. Because if your bedroom doesn’t look like the contents of Ariel’s cave, are you actually okay?

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Now, thanks to a combination of the great british high street and the world wide web, our wishes are a little bit closer to actually coming true.

We mean, just look at these beautiful under-the-sea-style buys…

1. Make a splash


ASOS Private Party Mermaid Swimsuit, £65

We can’t actually conjur up a mermaid tail (where’s our Fairy Godmother when we need her?), but this shiny swimsuit is the next best thing.

And it’s the colour of the ocean. Winning.

2. For dry land


The Ragged Priest Mom Jeans With Mermaid Patches, £75

Topshop MOTO Mermaid Sequin Boyfriend, £60


Unfortunately, even as mermaids, we still need to go about our normal day.

So that’s why THESE jeans exist.

3. Shells aren’t just for covering our lady business


Skinnydip Mermaid Shell Across Body Bag in Gold, £30

Sorry Ariel, but there’s a much better use for them.

Hello, shiny shell clutch…

4. For when we want to tame those AMAZING mermaid locks…



Accessorize Mermaids Are Real Hairbrush Mirror, £5

There’s this cute little pocket brush.

No forks needed here, ladies…

5. The cup that speaks so much truth


New Look Cup With Straw, £5.99

6. Oh, and this pendant


Truffle Shuffle Mermaid Shell Pendant, £6.99

Are you noticing the theme here?

7. Mermaid Martini


Skinny Dip London Martini Cross Body, £28

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be trying to order one of these on Friday night…

8. The shirt of dreams…



Sugarhill Boutique Mermaid Shirt, £44

We need this hanging in our wardrobe, STAT.

9. We have no words…


Spectrum Collections Glam Squad, £59.99

What do you get when you combine a love for make-up with a love for all things mermaid?


10. Even our tears are magical…


Skinnydip Mermaid Box Bag in Blue Glitter, £34

Now all that’s left is to wave goodbye to our bank balance.


Well, mermaids don’t need money anyway…