Mentality Nail Varnish Has Been Ruining Women’s Nails

US beauty brand Mentality has come under fire after a whole host of women have been posting evidence online to show that its nail polishes effectively ruin your nails.

The images are pretty startling. Posted by bloggers such as Mercurial Magpie, Imperfectly Painted and Ashley Is Polish Addicted show their previously beautiful talons reduced to dry, yellowed wrecks. So what’s been going wrong?!

Well, apparently, a chemical in the polishes is causing nails to suffer from redness, a burning sensation and even onycholysis (when the nail lifts from the nail bed), in some extreme cases. It’s definitely not pretty. 

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Blogger Kristy Krawczyk wrote on the brand’s Facebook page: ‘I didn’t even save any pics of what they looked like at their worst. It was too nasty to even store on my phone.’ 

‘At their worst about 80%-90% of my nail was unattached. If you look closely you can see the ridges where my new nail is growing in.’ 

Obviously, this is terrifying in itself. But what’s got people even more up in arms is the way Mentality has responded to the complaints. 

Co founder Danny Dannels first addressed the drama with a Facebook response post that left people incredulous to his bad manners.



‘It is noon here and we have now spent last night and all of this morning responding to very important emails’, he began. ‘Now I will return to production and expect to spend the next 20 hours there where I will not respond to emails or any other provocation. I simply do not have time. I have to make the polish. It is part of my life’s work and I will defend it personally and vigorously.’ 

Speaking of how he responded to the ‘approximately 40’ people that complained of a bad reaction to the polish’s Arminex base, he went on to add that some people had now been ‘banned’ from buying from his brand.

‘If you were crude or vulgar, then you were tolerated until you could be tolerated no longer and thus ignored. Yes, there is a list or persons that have been banned from purchase.’ Wow.   

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‘I am where Mentality has always come from. I am Mentality. I am an athlete. I am a scholar. I am a musician. I am an artist and a maker. I am also a fighter’, he followed up with.

Obviously, the reply didn’t help things. Nor did the fact that Mentality then refused to refund customers because it had ‘reached a physical and financial limit.’ You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

Turns out, the polish company seems to have failed to test the Arminex base, as well as other potentially harmful ingredients in the product.

The case is still open, but our advice is, if you’re ever in the US, give Mentality varnishes a very wide berth…