The Men And Wine Instagram Account You Must Follow

Sometimes, it’s the simplest ideas that are the best. Which is why we’re struggling to remember what we did with our lives before Men And Wine‘s Instagram account was born.

It’s no secret that women love wine. White, rose, red – whatever’s flowing, we’re sipping. There’s literally no occasion when we would turn down wine. But do you know what everyone’s been forgetting? MEN love wine, too!

Tonnes of men would rather uncork a bottle of Merlot than down a pint, and it’s time we celebrated this fact.

Why is why we’re overjoyed that someone has merged our two favourite things in life – men, and wine – to create the sexiest Instagram account on the Internet.

Because what’s hotter than a rugged, topless man relaxing with a 250ml glass of Pinot and raising a toast to the girls? Answer: NOTHING. 

Now, let’s take a peek at our favourite man plus wine snaps. Because there really is a man and wine picture for every occasion. 

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Eg. Men and wine in the kitchen.

Men and wine on the beach.


Men and wine in robes.

Men and wine in trunks (we know).

Men and wine selfies.


Thom Evans and wine.


Men and wine looking pensive.

We could go on. Get ready to do a lot of liking.