Melissa McCarthy’s 5 Funniest Moments

You probably know Melissa McCarthy best from her role as puppy-stealing, man-hunting Megan Prince in Bridesmaids. But that’s certainly not all she’s done. Oh no, this award-winning actress has made many a hilarious appearance on the big screen, and given us ALL the LOL’s in the process. So, in celebration of her 45th birthday, we’ve put together a montage of her five funniest on-screen moments. If this doesn’t tickle you, we don’t know what will. Enjoy..

1.     Bridesmaids

























First and foremost, we just had to give Bridesmaids a mention. Directed by the legendary Paul Feig, it was Melissa McCarthy’s role as Megan Prince that had us doubled over for practically the entire film. When she wasn’t seducing air marshalls with her “steamy undercarriage”, Megan could be found stealing puppies with co-star Kristen Wiig. And who could forget the moment she and her fellow bridesmaids had that (not so) little accident in their dresses?


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2.     The Heat




























Shortly after Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig recruited Melissa McCarthy as the comedy star of yet another of his films, The Heat – and boy are we glad he did. Starring alongside Sandra Bullock, the pair made up a hilarious buddy cop duo, but our fave moment has to be the drunk-dance scene. Remind you of anyone? Yeah, us, too..

3.     Tammy




























If it’s a belly laugh you’re after, American comedy Tammy is the way to go. Our special shout-out goes to Melissa’s attempt at hi-jacking a fast food joint. Slightly waylaid by the pie flavours on offer, Tammy’s ridiculous robbery comes complete with paper bag mask and makeshift gun.


4.     The Identity Thief




























Comedy? Check. Eye candy? Check. When McCarthy steals Jason Bateman’s identity in the Identity Thief, all hell breaks loose. Between vomiting during a breathaliser test, pushing Bateman’s patience with her singing, and crowd-surfing (and faceplanting) at a house party, her role in the Identity Thief is all-round comedy gold.


5.     Saturday Night Live




























It’s not just films McCarthy is good for. Her “Arlene” sketch on Saturday Night Live, showing her attempt to charm actor Jason Sudeikis, had us in fits of laughter from start to finish. “Lady boner” anyone?


Meanwhile, Miss McCarthy has been making a name for herself writing, producing and designing for her latest plus-size fashion range Seven7. Oh, and McCarthy has also been recruited as one quarter of the new Ghostbusters film alongside her fellow Bridesmaids stars. Just when we thought we couldn’t love her anymore…Happy birthday Mel!

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