Mel B Just Got A Little Bit Bitchy About Victoria Beckham

If there’s one thing we love Mel B for, it’s for her total openness.

But in her latest interview, featured on the Allegedly podcast, the former Spice Girl kind of had a bit of a dig at Victoria Beckham. And when we say dig, we mean she called her a ‘b**ch.’ Crikey.

The singer was asked for her thoughts about Victoria and David’s lavish lifestyle, to which Mel replied: ‘[Victoria] worked hard for it. She deserves that lifestyle.’

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> Mel also added that VB deserves her lifestyle and is ‘down to earth’


So far, so good. But then, Mel went on to give her friend a bit of a backhanded compliment.

‘She’s very down to earth’, she said of VB. ‘She’s just a little bit of a bitch to others, but she has a good sense of humour.’

LOL. We’re sure she was simply referring affectionately to the fashion designer’s no nonsense attitude to business, and not to her genuine levels of friendliness…

> VB has never been a huge fan of smiling for the paps…


And considering VB’s got that cheeky sense of humour we all know and love, we’re sure she won’t take any offence!

Melanie also made comments on that much-discussed Spice Girls reunion.

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> So.. Is a Spice Girls reunion on the cards after all?!


‘We are in talks with each other closely about this reunion’, she offered. ‘So until there’s something official to say, there’s no point saying anything.’

However, she did then offer up a morsel of hope to fans. ‘I do feel like it’s getting closer and closer to that point’, she added. ‘I’ve been trying to get those b**ches back together for years!’

Eek! We pray it’s on the cards. As long as Mel can stop laying into VB on the run-up… Teehee.

> The band have remained firm friends since splitting back in 2008