Meet twin design duo Finchittida Finch, who have dressed Mila Kunis in their jewellery for her new film Jupiter Ascending

Meet The Twins Dressing Mila Kunis

Imagine getting a phone call asking you to create the jewellery for Mila Kunis’s latest blockbuster. Well, that’s exactly what happened to 25-year-old twins Lisa and Tida Finch, the duo behind high-street, boutique jewellery label Finchittida Finch, whose striking pieces appear in blockbuster Jupiter Ascending, which has just hit cinemas.

The ‘risk-taking designs’, as the twins call them, bring together their Laos and British heritage, and include chokers oversized earrings and some kick-ass statement necklaces.‘Our jewellery makes women feel daring but chic,’ says Lisa, and it’s this ethos that’s caught the eye of celebs like FKA twigs and Eliza Doolittle, and scored them a gig designing bespoke head pieces for Mila’s latest character.‘Warner Bros asked if we’d make some jewellery for Mila in her role as Queen of the Universe,’ the twins tell us. ‘It was pretty crazy for us, because we’d only just graduated and started our label.’ Watch out for Mila’s show-stopping, scarlet mega crown when you watch the movie.

Mila Kunis wears jewellery by twins Finchittida Finch in Jupiter Ascending

The journey to jewellery stardom began during Lisa and Tida’s final year at the University of the Arts London. Tida studied textiles design, while Lisa did graphic design. Now they have a west London studio, which oozes the very same coolness you see in their pieces, with one wall covered in magazine cut-outs. ‘We have a “mega babes” collage – photos of world-changing women, including M.I.A, Grimes, indigenous tribes women and artists like Yayoi Kusama, intertwined with inspirational quotes and photos of Laos.’ And, naturally, there are stacks of jewels everywhere. Major inspiration comes from their Lao roots, plus a huge dose of London attitude. Tida tells us they always start with a vibe. ‘Our “Empress” collection is inspired by courageous women who we think are cool.’

Their latest campaign features Irish Malaysian/Polish model Li-Ann, standing proud with a scar that runs across her stomach – this is the kind of courage the label champions. The best thing about their motto is that strong women love it right back – FKA twigs is a big fan and often wears some of the wilder pieces when performing. Both Lisa and Tida say how honoured they are to work with someone so talented. It’s not just celeb’s who an afford their creations though as prices start at just £30 for a pair of statement earrings. Along with FKA, Rita Ora and Eliza Doolittle love Finchittida designs, and the girls are waiting for a certain superstar to step out in their brand…‘Beyoncé’s agent saw our jewellery and thought she’d love it, so we’ve just gotta keep an eye out for Queen Bey wearing our jewels.’ Something tell us it’s only a matter of time.

A necklace by twin design duo Finchittida Finch, who've dressed Mila Kunis

By Lexxi Davis