Meet The Only #Fitspiration App You Need… And It Works

Has your New Year’s resolution to get fit taken a bit of a backseat recently? Don’t worry, so has ours… (cold weather = plenty of carbs, wine and macaroni cheese.)

But we’ve just discovered an app that’s going to change all of that.

Launched this January, Healthy Selfie is a free social networking app that allows you to track, share and ‘hashtag’ your body’s transformation via selfies.

Simply chart your journey to J Lo abs by sharing a series of snaps of you in your workout gear to allow you to see just how ripped you’re getting. Because seeing your bod getting fitter in front of you is so much better than getting stressed on those scales, no?  

‘When I consider my own fitness, I’m most motivated by seeing the physical changes in my body shape over time’, 25-year-old co-founder Charlotte Li, who created the app with her husband Joe, explains.

‘Counting calories or chasing numbers on the scales is meaningless to me because, like many people, my diet and weight fluctuate. If I train a lot, I’m heavier but I can see that my body shape and definition has improved. That’s how I know I’m making progress.’

Each upload is date-stamped, so there’s no cheating. And there’s no getting embarassed about baring your body, either – the great thing about this app is that everyone on it is doing the same thing, so you’re surrounded by like-minded people all on the same quest to improve their bodies! But if you’re still a bit nervy, simply opt for the ‘private profile’ option.

As well as giving you that extra kick to reach your toned tummy/legs/arms/abs goals, it’s also great for sharing recipe ideas.

There’s the option to keep a virtual food diary by snapping your meals and uploading recipes or URL links so others can recreate if they wish.

The app received a whopping 1,000 downloads in the first 24 hours, and we’re already hooked. Download the Healthy Selfie app here (for iPhone 5 and above) and get involved.