The 150 New Emojis Are Here!

It is an exciting day for emoji fans as yesterday Apple released the iOS 9.1 update that came with 150 brand new emoticons.

Among the much-awaited new emojis are the burrito, cheese wedge, champagne glass, unicorn and controversially, the middle finger. All essentials, obvs.

Joining these emojis are some new faces (including a hug, ahh), a much larger selection of animals (the turkey will become a popular one at Christmas we’re sure) and many sports related sings (badminton anyone?).

Still no avocado though…

Previously we wrote…

Next year is going to be huge for texting. Why? Because 38 brand spanking new emojis will be released to liven up our texting act. Yep, finally, the shortlist for the new emoji’s has been released.

We’ve often thought there are major potholes in the emoji collection currently on offer – where’s the unicorn? The cheese? The confused face? Pfft.

Well, our wishes have come true, because now we can officially clink champagne glasses, talk about celebrities being pregnant and accurately describe our breakfast in emoji form. HALLELUJAH.

The Unicode Consortium – the place that creates emojis for all of us to enjoy – is adding 38 new ones to its repertoire in June 2016. So what’s on the list?

Finally, bacon and avocado make an appearance, along with the all-important selfie and the facepalm emojis.

Most recently, a cowboy face, vomming face, ROFL’ing face, drooling face, lying face and a sneezing face have all been revealed.

New Emojis A cowboy face, vomming face, ROFL face, drooling face, lying face and sneezing face have been added to the list of 2016’s new emojis



And for the days when it feels like the end of the world and nothing or no-one can comfort you (come on, we’ve all been there), there’s now a wilted rose, black heart, bat and clown emoji to show just how sinister you’re feeling – all without having to compile a single sentence!

New Emojis Instagram: @emojipedia





Other slightly more unusual additions include ‘Mother Christmas’ and the cowboy, but hey, they can stay in the ‘never-used’ box along with the totem pole, the mailbox and the wrench.

But there’s one in particular we think may just change our messaging game forever – all hail, the SHRUG. So, so many uses.

Here are some of the new emojis we can expect in 2016:

Left-facing fist

Right-facing fist


Fingers crossed

Pregnant woman



Man dancing


Man in tux

Mother Christmas

Wilted rose


Motor scooter

Octagonal sign

Clinking champagne glasses

Black heart







Fox face