Meet The Jeans That Tell You When You’ve Gained Weight

Photos: Rex

Yes, you read that right.

Although much of it is still under wraps, it was revealed this weekend that Google’s latest wearable tech venture is a team-up with Levi’s, meaning that ‘smart’ jeans may be the next big thing for your wardrobe. While we’re not entirely sure what ‘smart’ jeans could entail, we are pretty scared by one of it’s potential features.

The jeans could “alert the wearer to weight gain and recommend a workout or provide a discount at a gym or yoga class…helping people live healthier lives,” the founder of FocusMotion – a software development company – Grant Hughes, explained.

So when you slip into your fave pair of flares, you may well be in for a nasty surprise, with them reminding you that you’ve slightly overindulged that weekend.

How would this work exactly? Well, Project Jacquard will turn Levi’s iconic products into tech platforms with the help of Google’s conductive fibres. This means that your jeans or denim jacket will have similar capabilities to your smartphone or tablet so you could answer a text message or silence your phone simply by swiping or tapping your clothing – or even, find out that you’ve gained a few pounds since you last put your jeans on!

What do you think of this latest development in technology? Is it something that you need or even want in your wardrobe? We are not so sure we’re keen on this feature but we’ll have to wait and see how it develops. It’s expected that the products will hit the market in the autumn of 2016 so we’ll wait in fear until then!

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Amy de Klerk