Meet The Emoji Quiz That’s Driving The Internet Bonkers

If you love emojis, and are familiar with the London Tube map, then you’re going to get a real kick out of this latest emoji quiz. 

On Mumsnet, a user named TheTravellingLemon first introduced the mind-boggling chart to their followers by sharing it and writing: ‘These are all London stations and I am really stuck on one in particular (12). Please take pity on me because I’ve even tried to cheat Google the answers and nothing!’

So how does it work? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Simply add the emoji clues together to create the name of one of the 116 Tube stops in existence.



We’ll help you out by solving #1. A shower plus a toilet? It could only be Waterloo. See, easy right?

Well, apart from #12. Because in a hilarious twist, absolutely NO ONE can figure out which Tube stop it is. And we’re not going to lie, Twitter is both frustrated and mad.  

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The emoji clues are a clock, a bus, and a Canadian flag. We’re stumped.

And as problem-solvers from all all over attempted to guess the unguessable clue that’s now gone viral, they aired their thoughts as they went along.

‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Time clock Canada. Clock Bus Maple. Minute Transport Flag. WHAT’, wrote one frustrated user.



While the creator of the quiz still remains incognito. we fear the answer will never be discovered.

We’d suggets you’d give it a try and prepare for total fame if you actually end up cracking it…