Meet Prada’s New Unlikely Male Style Icon…

We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve got a HUGE new man crush. Hello, Jack O’Connell…

Recognise the face? Probably because you swooned over him as Cook from Skins, loveable bad boy and notorious ladies man.

It’s probably also because he’s set to become one of 2015’s biggest hitters with his new film, Unbroken, after he was hand-picked by director Angelina Jolie.

And now, he’s conquering the fashion as well as Hollywood after landing a brooding campaign with Prada for the brand’s SS15 men’s collection.

The most unlikely lad to nab such a high-fashion gig (when we think Prada, we don’t think rough and ready…), Jack popped up as the new face of the brand and made his modelling debut in true style.

The 24-year-old actor is seen rocking a chunky rollneck jumper and a Prada bag and staring broodily away from the camera as he gulps on a glass of water.

Its a much more mature look than we’re used to for Jack, and boy does it suit him.

With the recent news that he’s been nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star Award as well, we predict massive things for O’Connell and that handsome, rugged face.

We think Angelina summed it up pretty well when she said: ‘Jack has something very unique to him. I challenge you to find another young man full of more fire.’ 

Oh, we like fire…

By Robyn Munson