Meet Mission Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is set for superstardom. No, we’re not talking about the X Factor singer, we’re referring to the star of the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film.

We guarantee that you will be seeing more and more of this talented star over the coming years, so here is everything you need to know about this out of the ordinary lady.

The 31 yr old starlet was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, growing up with her English mother, father and three siblings. She studied at music school, and Rebecca loved to dance – which led on to her attending tango and tap dancing classes from an early age. In-between all the instruments and dance moves, Rebecca started modeling when she was just 13, working for magazines and TV commercials. Erm, we’re pretty sure this beats our own lazy adolescence.

Rebecca became a household name in Sweden thanks to her longtime lead role in two popular Swedish soaps: Nya Tider, and Ocean Ave. Sort of like a Scandinavian Stacey Slater, then.
It wasn’t long before the Silver Screen came calling, and the actress landed parts in a few independent and short films during the early noughties.

Rebecca Ferguson looking stylish on the red carpet Rebecca Ferguson looking stylish on the red carpet


Rebecca still lives in her native Sweden – in a Windmill in the middle of an orchard, to be precise. Yes, a windmill. Her home is based near a small fishing village, and she shares it with her long-term boyfriend and eight year old old son, Isaac. The star said recently “My dream is to work with amazing people, then come home, take off my heels, put on my fishing boots and start working on my windmill. You should always maintain your hobbies.” It’s clear that she really does follow her own advice as, when she isn’t at home, she is teaching a beginners Tango class at the local dance studio.

Rebecca’s big break came when she starred in the hit BBC drama, The White Queen in 2013. Yes, thaaaat’s why you recognize her! Her role got her a whole load of love from fans and critics alike, and she was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe.

Rebecca as The White Queen in the BBC drama Rebecca as The White Queen in the BBC drama

Her role as a brave and ballsy Queen in the series earned her some seriously cool credentials and led on to Rebecca bagging herself the role of gun toting, bike riding, and leather jacket wearing special agent in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, alongside Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg.

The star did most of her own stunts and had to train majorly hard for the physical role, as she explained to Vogue: “I trained for six hours, five or six days a week. Everything was physical.”
Rebecca’s dancing skills came in handy when it came to rehearsing the fight scenes, too, it seems: “There’s so much tango in fight choreography. There is so much technique – how do you hold your fist, where does the motion come from,” she told Vogue.

Filming action scenes for Mission Impossible with Tom CruiseRebecca Rebecca filming action scenes for Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise

Rebecca’s IMDB page is filling up fast, and the star is already working on her next film Florence Foster Jenkins alongside the one and only Meryl Streep.
From an action movie heroine to working with Meryl? We’d say you better watch this space…