Michelle Keegan tells LOOK how she gets her amazing abs (without even leaving her house)

Meet Michelle Keegan’s At-Home Workout Regime

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Michelle Keegan‘s abs. They’re a sight we’re all familiar with (*sigh*), but what we really want to know is – how does she get them?!

Being LOOK’s cover star this week, we got the chance to sit down with the bride-to-be to chat all things fitness. So is it hours with her personal trainer and long slogs at the gym that gets Michelle’s body beach-ready? Well, actually, no. Over to Ms Keegan….

You look incredible, Michelle. What are your top body toning tips?

I should exercise more. I like to work on my legs because that is what needs most work; I’ve done spinning before, but I’m really lazy, I hate cardio! A good tan always makes me feel more toned though, I love Garnier’s Dry Body Mist, it’s foolproof.

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It must be hard to find the time to hit the gym… 

If I can’t get there, I’ll do an eight minute ab workout at home, with stomach crunches and backwards crunches, which I found on YouTube. I should really do it every day, but I don’t.

Who inspires and motivates you when you’re so busy? 

I’m inspired by Jessica Alba; she always looks amazing. I also follow female bodybuilders on Instagram. I follow an American girl called Michelle Lewis [@michelle_lewin_] and also Ellie Goulding – she is solid, she runs every single day!

> Michelle Keegan often uses at-home workouts to get her body into shape

And are you being quite strict about your diet at the moment?

I do try to be healthy, but it’s just so difficult when you’re such a foodie like me. I’m an all or nothing girl. If I go to the gym, that’s when I eat healthily but If I don’t go, that’s when I eat unhealthily.

Do you notice a difference to your hair, skin and nails when you change your diet?

Yes, definitely. When I’m eating right, I can definitely see [the difference] in my skin. I breakout when I’ve been naughty.

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