Meet Amal Clooney’s Lookalike Sister Tala Alamuddin

Brace yourselves for some shock information… this photo is NOT of Amal Clooney.


We know, we know. The woman in the snap looks identical to Amal. They’re both sporting matching brunette locks, sharp cheekbones and the same uber-chic fashion sense.

But it’s really not her. It’s actually her half-sister Tala Alamuddin.

Tala was snapped out earlier this week, when she was heading to New York restaurant Caravaggio for dinner with Amal and her husband George Clooney. They were joined by Amal’s parents Baria and Ramzi.

She looked stunning in a white midi, pairing it with a sleeveless jacket, knee-high boots and a large tote. Her face had been made up with black eyeliner, coral lipstick and a sweep of bronzer.

Amal, 37 – who married George last year – was just as beautiful in a printed navy dress, which featured a drop hem and a high neckline.

Amal Clooney and George Clooney going out for dinner in New York Amal and George Clooney make a very stylish couple in New York


George, 53, clutched his wife’s hand as they made their way into the eatery, cutting a very dapper figure in a blazer and jeans combo.

But Tala isn’t the only person who resembles Amal.

When Baria was pictured in New York yesterday, it was pretty obvious that she’s the lawyer’s mum. And she’s just as stylish as her daughter, donning an on-trend monotone ensemble of blue tailored trousers, peep-toe heels and a cropped jumper.

Amal Clooney's mum Baria Alamuddin out in New York How much does Amal Clooney’s mum look like her?!


We found Amal and Tala’s similarities pretty fascinating, so we’ve done some digging to find some more lookalike sisters.

Just take a look at the Instagram photo Lorde’s mum Sonja Yelich shared of the 18-year-old singer and her older sister Jerry on Tuesday. The image shows how both girls have inherited striking angular features, dark hair and a love of bright lipsticks.

Lorde and her sister Jerry being photographed for Instagram by their mum Lorde and her sister Jerry have some very similar features


Then there’s Miley Cyrus and her younger sibling Noah, 15.

In one of 22-year-old Miley’s recent Instagram uploads, they’re both rocking heart-shaped faces and blonde topknots.

Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah posing for an Instagram photo Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah even rock the same hairstyles


Wait. Which one’s which again?!