Meet Baby Egypt Who Has Become A Viral Internet Hit

Get ready for a cuteness overload. 

This little baby girl’s beautiful bambi eyes have completely grabbed our attention, and it seems that the rest of the world has followed suit. 

>Instagram: @fortafy"> Instagram: @fortafy


We mean, eyelash goals or what? 

Meet Egypt, the eight-month-old daughter of Australian rapper Fortafy who set up a ‘public figure’ Facebook account in his daughter’s name. 

Ever since a snapshot was posted of this cutie pie wearing a Kardashian Kids beanie, the page went viral, with thousands-upon-thousands of people sharing the photo. 

And can you blame them? 

> Instagram: @KardashianKids


It was even picked up by the Kardashian sisters, who shared the picture on the official Kardashian Kids Instagram account, with the post racking up almost 30,000 likes. 

The Australian family later received a hand written note from the Kardashian clan, along with some gifted clothing for little Egypt. 

The letter said: “Dear Shana, Fortafy and your beautiful daughter. Hope you love these new pieces from our Kardashian Kids collection. Xo Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.”

> Instagram: @fortafy


Fortafy spoke to the Australian Daily Mail saying that Shana, Egypt’s mother, often gets mistaken for Kim Kardashian. And we can totally see the resemblance. 

He said: “Shana’s been getting that for years. People have always said she looks like her [Kim].”

> Instagram: @fortafy


Little Egypt has become a viral internet sensation, with people even creating memes dedicated to her. 

> Instagram: @fortafy


We. Can’t. Stop. Gushing. 

By Laura Jane Turner