Meet Alexa Chung’s New Fave Instagram Account

Photos: Instagram/@artlexachung

Everyone’s favourite fashion It girl just stepped up another step on the cool ladder and it’s all thanks to two of her loyal (and super arty) fans. Spanish sisters Beatriz and Maria Valdovin have set up the coolest Instagram account – maybe ever. Art-lexa Chung compares Alexa‘s Instagram snaps with works of art in quite uncanny, funny and simply beautiful style.

The amazing account already has almost 7,000 followers, one of them being Alexa herself. The sisters explained in an interview with, “We [tagged her], and a few minutes later she liked our first pics and followed us!” Alexa has also regrammed this snap below to show how much she loves it (and no doubt gained the girls a whole load more followers!)


The clever account has paired snaps of Alexa with works of art by Rembrandt and Matisse – as well as plenty of other classical works. As well as being super fun and fashionable, it’s also educational. Teaching us about classic works of art while looking at pics of uber-fashionable Alexa, yes please!

Needless to say, everyone in the LOOK office is already totally obseesed with the account and we seriously recommend you start following it today!

By Amy de Klerk