Mean Girls Quotes: 7 Important Life Lessons

So. There’s, like, totally a new deleted scene from Mean Girls. And we’re totally obsessed with it already. 

Eleven years on, it’s great to get a fresh fix from our favourite cult teen chick flick. 

It sees Regina George AKA our-teenage-insecurites-all-rolled-into-one come back, on top form.

Warning: she gets a little dark. But that’s what we love about her, right? 

And if that’s not enough, here’s a nostalgic trip we reckon you’ll relate too. 


7 Mean Girls Quotes That Taught Us Important Life Lessons

We may be all grown up now, but we can still quote, line by line, every single word of the Mean Girls script. And we’ve taken some pretty important life lessons along with us.

Yup, it’s safe to say that our phrase bank became a whole lot richer since the first time we laid eyes on this flick. And here’s the very best of what we learnt.


On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Pink is pretty much always in season. But, on hump day, it takes on a whole new meaning.




Ex-boyfriends are totally off-limits to friends.

So, if you’re currently offering your tutor services to your BFFs ex-boo, you’re currently in breach of the rules of feminism. To be honest, any tight group of gal pals wouldn’t need a film to tell them that this is the top commandment of girl code. But. We’ve popped it in here, just in case.


Fetch is NEVER going to happen. 

Although, much to the delight of Gretchen Wieners, the iconic status of the film kinda made that one backfire.


Butter is a carb. 

But we don’t care. It tastes so good.


Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.

…Said all the parents who watched this movie. ‘The Talk’ has never been the same since.


The limit does not exist.

Philospohical. Well, it was about math. But, we feel this little chestnut can be applied to many life situations.


Any body hang-up is acceptable, just don’t mention the bad morning breath.

Just don’t.


Now go forth, and be fetch…

By Laura Jane Turner