This Is *Exactly* What’s In McDonald’s French Fries

Brace yourselves… McDonald’s have *officially* revealed the ingredients in their French fries.

As part of an ongoing video series called Our Food. Your Questions, the fast food chain have shown viewers the exact process their chips go through before reaching your tray.

In one clip, we’re reassured that the fries come from potatoes that were harvested in a real farm. So that’s good.

Potatoes are also #1 on the list of ingredients, although they’re among mysterious things such as hydrogenated soybean oil, sodium acid pyrophosphate and dimethylpolysiloxane.

> So now we know *exactly* how McDonald’s fries are made


Not sure what these are? Us neither. But apparently the sodium acid pyrophosphate ‘keeps the fries from greying after freezing’. Righto.

While this is all very interesting, it’s worth noting that these are the US ingredients and may differ from the fries in the UK.

> The #1 ingredient in the fries is potato. Phew


So what else is going on with Maccy Ds right now?

First the all-day breakfast was introduced. And now, it’s announced that it plans to use 100% free-range eggs in their restaurants. Way to go, McD!

The initiative is starting in the US and Canada, and acts as a reponse to huge consumer demand for more ethical eating. 

‘Our customers are increasingly interested in knowing more about their food and where it comes from,’ McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres said. ‘Our decision to source only cage-free eggs reinforces the focus we place on food quality and our menu to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.’

Heads up – it could take a whopping TEN YEARS for this to be completed. But still, it’s a step in the right direction, and we salute them for it.

The news comes just a week after McDonald’s announced that it would be introducing the all-day breakfast menu into more than 14,3000 of its restaurants. Yep, you heard us. Hash browns round-the-clock, people.  

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> The all-day-breakfast is coming, people…


At the moment, you can’t get a sausage burrito, McMuffin or hash brown past 10:30am. But after tonnes of requests from customers for an all-day breakfast menu, the company has given in. 

‘This is the consumers’ idea. This is what they want us to do,’ McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres said ‘That’s why I think this could be the catalyst for our turnaround.’

The company is bringing in the new initiative in a bid to reverse the sales slump that started three years ago, with the new 24/7 brekkie starting on October 6th.

> The company announced its news on Twitter with this LOL tweet


But, before you get TOO excited, we have to tell you that this is only happening in the US for now. But rumour has it that it WILL be coming to the UK shortly afterwards… Phew! 

To make its big announcement, McDonald’s took to Twitter yesterday to deliver the news in the best way.

Replying to a tweet sent to them back in 2008 wishing for McDonald’s breakfast all day, the brand wrote: ‘The eagle has landed. And by eagle we mean #AllDayBreakfast. And by landed we mean starting 10/6!

Exciting stuff…