Maternity Fashion Focus: How To Dress Your Bump


With awards season underway, it seems like practically half of Hollywood is pregnant, so we thought it was about time to give you some handy hints to ensure trouble-free pregnancy dressing (and this is from a fashion person who has actually been pregnant, so knows!). 

  • Whilst you want to look good, comfort is key – stick to natural fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere and fine (not itchy) wool. Anything with even a hint of scratch will itch like no one’s business. You don’t want to overheat as your body temperature is naturally slightly raised when pregnant, so opt for light layers you can take off/put on.
  • As a general rule, empire line is the pregnant lady’s friend. It separates your bust from bump and is A-line so super-flattering on the hips. If you don’t define your bust from bump, it tends to mould into one (especially if the top is loose fitting) and makes you feel enormous. Obviously an alternative to this is to go for cling or skim with jersey separates or bias cut but it’s a matter of personal taste – in my book pregnancy is about style over trends!
  • Remember you’re pregnant – the idea isn’t to make yourself look slim. Wear your bump with pride, but this doesn’t necessarily mean peeking out from a crop top.
  • Get some maternity jeans – you can wear your favourite shape as usual, just with an extra stretchy waistband. I loved the cropped skinnies from Topshop.
  • Heels. For special occasions (as long as you can sit down) there’s something quite liberating about wearing heels and being pregnant, but for everyday most people just can’t face the back pain/water retention heel wearing brings on. Luckily it’s a great season for flats and there are lots of good ones around. Invest in a great pair of flats, be them boots, pumps or brogues. Or if you do need to wear heels, go for a pair with a small platform – that way the platform offsets the height of the heel but still looks like you’re making an effort.

  • It really is a personal thing but many pregnant women prefer a bra which isn’t underwired – you can still get some really gorgeous ones from Elle MacPherson and practical ones from Calvin Klein (TK Maxx became my first port of call for discount bras because your bust is changing so quickly you might not wear the same ones for long!

Zoe Aird, LOOK’s Style Director.

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