Marks & Spencer’s First Ever Burkini Has Landed

Marks & Spencer has just launched its first ever ‘burkini’ swimwear range in the UK.

M&S had previously sold various versions of the ‘burkini’ in international stores, but this marks the first time they’ll be stocked in the UK.

The full-length swimwear comes in two designs – a blue and navy design that boasts floral embroidery on the chest, and an all-black style with multi-coloured paisley pattern on the shoulder – and aims to protect the modesty of Muslim women.

The website states that the garment ‘covers the whole body with the exception of the face, hands and feet without compromising on style’ and is ‘lightweight so you can swim in comfort.’

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> M&S Floral Contrast Burkini, £49.50


So, why the sudden introduction of the burkini to UK stores?

Well, it’s thought that with the increasing Muslim population in England, it made sense for the high street retailer to offer up a stylish swimwear solution for Muslim women that’s still in keeping with the Quran’s guidance for women to dress modestly.

Inititally, the burkinis were rolled out in stores over the summer, but now they’re finally available online, and we think they’re super pretty.

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