Mark Wright Just Had An Incredibly Unexpected Makeover

Um. Michelle Keegan may want to look away now…

Her husband Mark Wright has had quite the makeover – and we’re not sure she’ll be too impressed. Oo-er.

Mark, 29, shared his new look on Instagram yesterday, uploading a photo of himself decked out in a rather interesting all-leather outfit.

> Mark Wright donned an all-leather outfit. Interesting


He’d paired tight-fitting trousers with a black T-shirt, a matching belt and a, er, studded short-sleeved jacket.

The only saving grace is that those arm muscles were looking pretty damn good. At least that’s something, eh Mich?

Mark actually looked rather pleased with his ensemble, throwing the camera a coy little grin.

> Mark Wright is married to actress Michelle Keegan


But before you get up in arms and consider blocking him, we should probably let you know that this dodgy biker vibe wasn’t his fault.

Luckily for Michelle (and the rest of the female population), the ex-TOWIE hunk didn’t pick the outfit out himself.

Mark captioned the snap: ‘Filming something funny today !! WTF AM I WEARING !!’ Lolz.

> Mark Wright tends to favour subtle outfits like this


Despite the questionable look, there was something else about this photo that fans found even more confusing.

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Mark – who got hitched to Michelle, 28, last May – appeared to be wearing his wedding ring on the wrong hand. Er, what?!

> Mark Wright’s wedding ring got people talking


One follower commented: ‘What’s going on with your wedding ring?! I would b mortified if this was my husband [sic],’ while another wrote: ‘I thought the ring finger was on the left hand!?’

Cripes. Of course, what these people had failed to notice was that Mark had taken his selfie in a mirror, leading to a bit of a trick of the eyes.

> Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan became husband and wife in May 2015


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In case you need a primary school reminder (it has been a while, right?), the image in a mirror is always reversed from what you see in real life.

Thank God we’ve got that one cleared up.