Mark Francis Would ‘Rather Die’ Than Date The MIC Cast

The presence of Mark Francis Vandelli has to be one of the most entertaining things about Made In Chelsea.

Between his chic and sharp designer wardrobe to his signature Chelsea drawl, he’s hands down the most dapper dude on TV.

But whilst he’s very different to his co-stars, Mark’s always seemed to get on well with his fellow MIC cast members. That is, until this tweet.

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> Mark and his on-screen sidekick Victoria Harper-Baker…


You see, fans couldn’t help but notice that Vandelli has NEVER been seen having any kind of romance on the show since it started on E4. 

‘Why do @MarkVandelli and his sidekick Victoria never have any romantic involvements in #mic Are you both above this kind of fake tv smut?’ one fan tweeted the man himself yesterday.

And then came Mark’s pretty harsh reply.

‘Because we’d rather die than date any of the cast’, he tweeted in response.


> Mark has said he’d ‘rather die’ than date any of the MIC cast


Luckily, we’re more than familiar with Mark’s witty one-liners, so we’re sure this was merely another one of his sarcy faux put-downs rather than an actual insult on our SW3 favourites.

Mark also recently admitted that he didn’t know ‘terribly much about’ his co-stars, telling The Evening Standard: ‘Which is probably how it should remain.’

He did big up Made In Chelsea as a show, though. ‘It’s such fun’, he said. ‘It’s opened my eyes to an inordinate number of things.’

Yay. We’re happy to hear that MV won’t be going anywhere any time soon…

> Mark and Binky Felstead have always been close…