We’ve Found One Genius Technique For Folding Clothes

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to keep your home cleaner? Or to get your wardrobe looking more organised?

Well, we’ve got great news for you. Because we’ve just found a genius way for you to fold your clothes.

Enter Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert (yep, really) who knows exactly how to make your closet more manageable. Ooh.

> Marie Kondo can help you organise your underwear drawer


Marie is a bona fide de-cluttering expert. She’s the author of a series of ‘how to’ books, including the best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising.

Last year, she was listed as one of Time‘s 100 most influential people and a two-part TV drama was made about her work back in 2013. Wowzers.

Not only that, but she’s released a series of YouTube videos teaching us ‘the best way to fold for perfect appearance’. And we’ve gotta say, they’re AMAZING.

> Marie Kondo was honoured by Time magazine last year


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Marie has perfected folding socks, underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, trousers… we could go on.

This is done using the KonMari Method, her revolutionary technique of folding vertically rather than horizontally.

> The Konmari Method has inspired plenty of people


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This means you can stack your clothes alongside each other instead of layering them, which not only saves space but also allows you to see what’s in your drawers more easily.

As well as this, she uses tricks such as folding trousers into thirds and checking every garment can stand upright independently.

> The Komari Method is perfect for de-cluttering


This ensures things don’t get messed up when one or more of the drawer’s contents are in the wash.

As Marie’s popularity grows, others have started uploading copycat clips to YouTube, showing how her teachings have helped them sort out their belongings.

Take a look at one of Marie’s folding videos below. We think you may end up a convert…