Margot Robbie Shows Effortless Style At The Focus Premiere

Ok. Our childhood memories were made last night – we met the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Well, kind of.

It was the Focus premiere in London’s Leicester Square, and the man himself, Will Smith, had hopped on a plane from Phili’ especially for the occasion.

He was joined on the red carpet by his on-screen leading lady, Margot Robbie. And – FYI – what a beauty she is in the flesh.

Strutting her stuff in some killer stilletto heels, the Australian former Neighbours star was head-to-toe monochrome. She wore a tailored jumpsuit, with a statement coat that had deep pleated detailing at the back. She oozed effortless style as she greeted screaming fans, her hair bouncing with tumbling curls.

Will Smith lead the square in a rendition of the Fresh Prince theme tune – surely this happens wherever he goes? – and the pair messed around for the crowds, giving a lesson in how to avoid pick-pockets. Well, it IS a con film after all.

Other stars then arrived to watch private screenings of the hot new movie, including Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson, along with gal pal Stephanie Pratt and little sis’ Tiffany.

The film is full of twists and turns; you can NEVER guess what’s going to happen next. Will Smith described this as a the “pause effect” – if you pause the movie, can you guess what’s coming?

There is a really fresh and lighthearted feel to the movie, and it’s jam packed with humour – which Smith delivers in true form.

The underlying love story of the leading characters is perfectly enhanced by the natural chemistry of Will and Margot.

And, incidentally, we’ve totally got a new style crush brewing…

Written by Laura Jane Turner