Margot Robbie Fakes An Undercut, Looks Amazing

When these photos of Margot Robbie first dropped in our Inbox this morning, we had one reaction: girl’s only gone and got a RiRi-style undercut.

The Wolf Of Wall Street star was seen greeting fans at the LA International airport working a slick all-black look, with leather trousers, boots and a black poloneck giving her a chic, no-fuss edge.

And that hair! Her signature white blonde locks were tied back into a ponytail, with one side swept over and the other looking remarkably like a buzzcut.

 margot robbie at la international airport

But obviously, what with her Focus promo trail about to kick off, it was always unlikely that the all-Australian girl was going to go that edgy with her classic blonde ‘do.

In fact, Margot had just made like Jessica Alba and gone for a cool faux undercut to mix up her hair look. 

 Jessica Alba's with a faux undercut at comicon

Copy Robbie’s faux buzzcut by creating a thin flat cornrow down the left side of your head, reaching from the front to the back (ask a friend if it gets a bit tricky!) then secure the end with a small rubber band.

Blow dry the other side of your hair forward in the front to give it volume and that cool side-swept look, before running over with your straighteners for a sleek finish.

Either tie up or leave down for an instant edgy look, with none of the commitment.