Marc Jacobs Jumps To Nicole Kidman’s Rescue

Nicole Kidman’s latest cover of American Vogue has got people talking, and it’s not because of her amazing Marc Jacobs frock or her candid interview about wanting more children, it is because Marc Jacobs has had to come to her defence after a number of ‘haters’ decided to criticise the actress for her appearance.

Marc Jacobs was thrilled to clock Nicole wearing a sequin gown from his line and posted a snap of the cover on his Instagram page, but alongside the comments praising Nicole and his dress, there were a number of people who decided to post hateful messages about the actress and her ‘Botox’ face.

Some described her as looking ‘miserable’ and ‘frozen’, while another wrote, ‘She doesn’t even look human anymore.’ The nasty responses are typical of some people on the internet, with Instagram actually having to intervene the other day to prevent nasty comments on Caitlyn Jenner’s account.

And Marc was having none of it, hilariously responding by saying, ‘All you haters…when were you last given the cover of Vogue? Damn people have alot of negative energy.” Woo, go Marc! Pretty well put we say.

We have a feeling that super succesful mother and actress Nicole Kidman may not be particularly bothered by these comments or even be aware of them. In the interview that came alongside the cover, Nicole candidly talked about her life in Tennessee with hubby Keith Urban and their two little tots who often visit her on set of her mega Hollywood movies.

> Nicole with her husband Keith Urban at the CMT Music Awards in June.

As well as a number of films due for release, including Queen Of The Desert and Secret In Their Eyes with Julia Roberts, Nicole will also be returning to the stage near the end of this year, starring in Photograph 51 in the West End.

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By Amy de Klerk