This Genius App Tells You What Size You Are In Different Shops

As much as we love new purchases, the process of shopping can be frustrating. The biggest obstacle in our way – besides our dwindling bank account – is the complications caused by sizing. Buying online without trying things on can result in an expensive post office trip unless it’s ASOS – oh hey free returns. However, shopping in store isn’t much easier when you take into account changing room queues, and annoying policies stipulating ‘6 items only’. 

We’re therefore thanking the fashion gods for the invention of mobile app, Mallzee.

Dubbed the Tinder for shopping, Mallzee lets you swipe through millions of products from over 100 retailers and ‘matches’ you with your favourites.

Our favourite thing about the app is its function to match you with clothes that fit your unique body shape. As you’re surely aware, sizes vary hugely across different high street shops. You may be a size 8 in one shop and size 12 in another, a small in one and a large in another – it’s a total minefield.

Mallzee app Who would of though!



However, with Mallzee finding pieces in your size across multiple retailers is easy. You simply fill out your size profile (measurements as opposed to clothing sizes) on the app, and from then on, you’ll only be shown sizes that are relevant to you.

“Mallzee was invented to solve the problem of being able to find, compare and buy items from multiple retailers in one convenient place,” Cally Russell, who created the app, told Marie Claire. “As we worked to solve this more and more users told us they struggled to find products in the correct size. We needed to be able to give our users the ability to find, compare and buy items knowing that no matter which retailer they are from, they will be in their size.”

Pretty life changing, eh?!

By Elizabeth Bennett