9 Unexpected Ways You’re Totally Ruining Your Clothes

Do you find that your clothes – even your newest splurges – always end up looking like a hot mess after just a couple wears? Unexplained tears, bobbling and unsightly fading instantly make your wardrobe staples look tired, and result in you wanting to wear them less and less. The reason? No, it’s not because you’re too hard on them (as your mum would probably say) – it’s actually down a few, totally unexpected bad habits that dramatically reduce the quality of your garms. Here are the mistakes we’re all guilty of making when it comes to our clobber with the solution on how to make clothes last…

1. Wire hangers = the devil

Cool if you want nipple-esque lumps all over your clothes but, if not, we recommend opting for cushioned or soft-edged hangers instead.


2. Colour separation

Are you guilty of throwing all of your washing into one load? Tut, tut, tut! Separating your whites, lights and darks is a given, but if you can narrow them down even more – neutrals, blues, greys, whites, brights, you get the just – you’ll instantly prolong the colour life of all your clothes.

3. Careless bra stuffing

If you’re underwear drawer’s a riot, it’ll greatly affect the shape of your bras. Storing them upright with the cups placed inside one another will help maintain their silhouette.

4. Wringing is a NO GO

Wonder why your bikini loses it’s shape in a flash on your hols? It’s simple – wringing them out at the end of the day totally stretches the fabric. Avoid this at all costs by wrapping your cossie in a towel and gently squeezing out the excess water into it.

5. Leather dimples

Crocodile hangers are your leather trousers’ worst enemy. Avoid any permanent damage by inserting a piece of cardboard in-between the hanger clamp and the fabric. Geri knows…



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6. Turn your jeans

Keep finding unexplained tears in your clothes? Your jeans are most likely the culprits. By doing up metal zips, fastening buttons and turning your jeans inside out, you’ll minimise the chances of snagging tenfold.

7. Handbag 101

Increase the shelf life of your favourite handbags by storing them upstanding. If you use the handles or straps to hang your bag, you’ll put extra weight on the leather or fabric which, in turn, compromises the stitching.

8. Overzealous dry cleaning

Sure, the tag might say dry clean but the harsh chemicals used by your local cleaner will significantly wear down the quality of the fabric. Also, it’s worth noting that if the tag says ‘dry clean only’, that’s when you should employ the use of a professional. If it says ‘dry clean’, you can often get away with hand-washing at home.


9. Ditch the plastic bags

Once you’ve got your fave clothes back from the dry cleaners you might feel tempted to keep your items in the free plastic garment bag that comes with. DON’T. This will lock in all the harsh chemicals we’ve already talked about which will essentially erode the fabric of the clothes. Y-I-K-E-S.