Maisie Williams: Why Game of Thrones Star Is Our New Style Crush

Considering she’s only 18, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams has already achieved some pretty remarkable things.

Aside from all the enviable ‘do you wanna be in my gang’ shenanigans that seem to go on behind the GoT scenes, like her character Arya Stark, Maisie Williams is going through a bit of a transformation; only this one doesn’t involve swords and deadly brotherhoods.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Maisie Williams is pretty handy with a sword…

No, Maisie is morphing from cutsie fresh-faced child actress into a budding fashion icon, right before our eyes: and we are liking what we see.

From championing brands like London-based fashion house Self-Portrait to gracing the cover of Dazed Magazine, Maisie’s penchant for contemporary fashion has developed rapidly over the last twelve months, so much so that she’s fast becoming our new style crush.

Maisie Williams in Self-Portrait and on Instagram Maisie Williams rocked a Self-Portrait dress at the House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards, and checking out her Dazed cover on Instagram.

Born in Bristol, Maisie studied performing arts at Bath Dance College before winning the role of pipsqueak butt-kicker Arya in the now stratospherically popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Since then Maisie has earned multiple award nominations for GoT, has taken home a BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Award for Best British Actor, and has further developed her craft by taking roles in a slew of independent films and TV projects. Indie feature flick The Falling (starring Maisie) opened to critical acclaim earlier in the year, and there is a guest appearance in a forthcoming Dr Who on the cards. Busy girl.

And because of the media frenzy surrounding the fifth season of Game of Thrones, Maisie has had plenty of excuses to walk a carpet or two in the last few months. And she’s pretty much nailed it every time.

Our favourite looks so far?

Maisie Williams in Topshop and Self-Portrait Maisie Williams shows us how to nail designer and high street fashion.

The Topshop chain detail heels and a-line skirt Maisie wore to the Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards let us know that despite running with the a-list she’s still a girl with a definite UK high street sensibility, and oh, how we swooned when she wore that stunning Self-Portrait lace dress walking the 21st Annual SAG Awards red carpet. And don’t even get us started on her Instagram. Versace? Moschino? Glastonbury madness? Like any modern teenager, Maisie loves to explore fashion using the wide world of social media.

Maisie Wiliiams on Instagram Maisie Williams uses Instagram to show off her individual looks.

Yep, little Miss Williams is all grown up, and much like her Brit child-star contemporary Emma Watson, commands a style all her own.

All that remains to be seen is what sartorial path Maisie will take as the year moves on because….*ahem* Winter is coming…(sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)

Watch this space.