Madison Beer x Missguided: An Exclusive Interview

We caught up with the star to find out everything about her latest gig, and what's going on in her personal life...

Madison Beer is making a very big name for herself. She’s just released her very first EP ‘As She Pleases’, announced a sold-out European tour across 14 venues, and now? The star – who you’ll probably know best as the one whose voice was uncovered by Justin Bieber via Twitter – has just released a 63 piece collection with Missguided. We caught up with her for all the goss…

What made you want to work with Missguided?

Missguided listens to everything I say and really get me, they’re really on board with my style.

What’s your fave piece from the Madison Beer Missguided collection?

The fanny pack.

How will you wear it?

Everything under the sun, at night with a dress or during the day with a hoody, they go with everything and black goes with everything.

madison beer missguided

Top, £18, Madison Beer x Missguided

Skirt, £25, Madison Beer x Missguided

What’s been your fave part of the design process so far?

Seeing it come to life, it’s been really cool to hold a piece of my clothing line, it’s sick.

Who would you most like to see in your designs?


Who would you least like to see in your designs?

Donald Trump.

Where do you usually shop?

90% of my clothes are from vintage stores. It’s not about where you buy but how you look.

What’s your fave high street store?

Urban outfitters. I’m really basic when it comes to stores.

madison beer missguided

Top, £25, Madison Beer x Missguided

Trousers, £40, Madison Beer x Missguided

Do you have a stylist or do you dress yourself?

I only have a stylist when I go to big events but even then I give them moodboards to show exactly how I want to look so I’m mostly in control. I dress myself on a daily basis though.

What’s your daily skincare routine?

Literally just a Tatcha cleansing oil, nothing else, that’s literally it. I sometimes use the title Sunday Riley moisturiser. I stopped using make up wipes and it made my skin so much better, they messed up my skin big time.

And make-up?

Just a bit of concealer and bronzer, I try not to wear make up as much as I can. Im not big on make up. I only have a make up artist for events.

madison beer missguided

Crop top, £15, Madison Beer x Missguided

Shorts, £25, Madison Beer x Missguided

What regular beauty treatments do you have?

I’m not so pampered, I’m not that kind of girl, but I do love a good massage. I don’t really get girls that are obsessed with pampering like that.

If you could only have 1 beauty product/regular treatment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Lip balm or face moisturiser. When my face feels dry I hate myself.

How often do you workout? What’s your routine?

I could count on one hand how many times I’ve worked out. I walk up a flight of stairs and I’m fully winded like I’ve just ran a marathon but the tour is definitely helping me build up my stamina since I’m on stage every night.

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What do you eat in a day?

Junk, all day every day. Everytime I feel like I’m gaining a bit of weight I’ll eat healthily for like 3 days then I’ll be like ‘oh I look skinny again’, then I’ll go back to eating bad, but I tell myself it’s ok, I’m only 19 so I can do it while I can. My mum and I are similar in that sense – she’s like ‘I started my diet yesterday now I’m in bed eating an ice cream cake’.

Do you have a trainer?

Absolutely not.

Can you describe what happened when you found out Justin Bieber had discovered you?

I uploaded a Youtube vid and expected to get like 100 views from people in my hometown. He tweeted three times, but I remember I was in bed one time and my friend Nicole called me to tell me what had happened, and the next thing I knew Good Morning America were knocking at my door.

How quickly did things change for you?

Overnight. I signed with a huge agency the same week. I was freaking out.

madison beer missguided

Trousers, £22, Madison Beer x Missguided

Top, £12, Madison Beer x Missguided

Are you still friends with him?

Yeah we are good friends, he’s still one of my close friends.

Is music still your biggest career focus, or are you hoping to work more in fashion?

I haven’t always been a fashionista, but I’ve only recently got fully into it.

We know you’re going on tour this summer, what other plans do you have? Any holidays?

It’s my first tour. I’m playing at a few festivals.

Do you have a lot of time for friends and relationships with everything going on in your career?

I don’t have much time to see my friends, I wish I had more. I don’t have any holidays planned, I’m not even going to Coachella this year, it’s not that amazing, I went last year and I didn’t love it so I’m not that upset that I’m not going again.

What’s your fave thing to do with friends?

I’d rather just chill and watch Rick and Morty or maybe some movies.

And boyfriend?

I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, I just chill with everyone.


The full collection is available now at Missguided, and trust us when we say you’re going to want it a-l-l.