Meet Summer’s Cult Dress With A Celeb Fan Club

Madewell X Daryl K Dress, £76.52

As far as denim dresses go, last year belonged to Alexa Chung’s button-down design created for her AG collection. Alexa wore it, her friends wore it, we wanted to wear it. Only we couldn’t, because it sold out faster than we could click (or run, to an actual store!) and therefore we spent the entirety of last summer disgruntled, disappointed and not as well dressed as we could have been. 

We made up our minds, based on this very serious trauma we experienced, that next time, it would be different. Never again would be let the possibility of owning an item of clothing that approximately 70% of the female population of Instagram also possesses pass us by. Oh no, we would remain one step ahead. We would read articles about dresses we ALREADY OWN, and would feel a smug satisfaction as we tell our friends: ‘Yes, this IS The Dress. But it’s sold out now. I bought the last one.’ Maybe we wouldn’t have any friends left. But obviously only because they’d be jealous.

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Alexa Chung in THAT denim dress from last year’s AG collection


Anyway, the point is that we were (and ARE) ready, for whatever the ever-changing, pretty exhausting world of fashion may have in store for us. And behold: we can now bring you news of the latest denim dress storming the wardrobes of famous people everywhere. 

Ok, we don’t want to lead you on. At the moment, it’s just Karlie Kloss and Whitney Port who have been repping this jean dress. But one’s a supermodel (and friends with Taylor Swift!) and one used to an intern at Teen Vogue so, really, what else do you need in the form of encouragement? 

But what, we hear you cry, is so darn great about this dress? Well, for starters it is flattering. Thanks to the pocket placement (which truly is an art) and the structured shape (don’t even get us started on that genius waist belt), basically anyone and everyone will look great in this bad boy. Secondly, you can wear it with almost any shoe. Trainers, sandals, ballet pumps. The list is endless! Thirdly, did we mention that Karlie Kloss and Whitney Port both have it?

Cult brand Madewell is responsible for this shirtdress, which, coincidentally, is one of Alexa’s fave labels. Such a small world. This particular item is part of the brand’s collaboration with Daryl K, a New York-based designer, and while it looks like denim, it’s actually made from cotton and linen, making it easier to wear. See? That’s another reason to buy it!

Need yet another? Well, the dress is currently in the sale on Madewell’s website, reduced from £129 to £76.52. Right, we’re off. We refuse to allow 2016 to be the year we missed out again. And we refuse to go another day without this dress. 

At least we’ve got our priorities in order.