Mademoiselle Robot On How To Make It As A Successful Blogger

Starting her blog as a way of keeping in touch with her friends around the world, Parisian journalist and photographer Laëtitia Wajnapel has been succesfully documeting her life online for nearly ten years. We caught up with her at Centre:MK’s Spring Show to talk blogging, brands and high street style…

Which high street shops are your favourite and why?

I’m loving Warehouse at the moment and I also really like M&S. With the Archive by Alexa collection I think M&S are absolutely killing it!  Other than that, I’m a bit of a magpie, so I’ll see something and I’ll go regardless of what store it is in.

What do you think of the way in which the high street appropriates catwalk trends?

I think it is great to see catwalk trends on the high-street. They are most of the time translated in a way that will work for most people which is nice! You know, some of the more ‘out there’ pieces on the runway, once put through a high-street prism end up really quite wearable. This makes the major trends accessible to everyone. This is a very British thing – the high-street here is so strong.

You must have so many clothes doing what you do- how do you decide what to add to your wardrobe?

I do have a lot of clothes and because I am getting ready to move to Los Angeles, I have had to take a long hard look at my closet and decide what is really important to me. Turns out, a lot of my clothes don’t get a lot of love, because I actually dress the same a lot of the time. My issue is not so much how to decide what to add to my wardrobe but what to remove from it! The dream would be to be able to function on as little as possible, but obviously with my job it isn’t realistic! When I do buy new things (I am only human so despite my best intentions, it happens!), I try to be very discerning and mostly I buy timeless pieces. I tend to save up to buy the best possible classic I can afford. I don’t buy into trends much at all, unless a trend coincides perfectly with my own personal style!

What advice would you give for people looking to create the perfect summer wardrobe?

Be practical and think about where you’re going to spend the summer and what you’re actually going to be doing. It is all too easy to get seduced by all the pretty flouncy dresses out there at the moment but realistically if you are going to spend the summer in London you are more likely to want midi skirts, fine knits and nice jackets. Luckily there is also a lot of that in the stores at the moment! I think generally I just like clothes to work really hard!

Which are your fave SS16 trends?

So I’m loving the 70s still, it’s a bit hard to pull off but I think with the right styling and with a lot of linen and earthy tones like I saw in centre:mk’s SS16 Live it can look really nice. 

Can you talk us through your usual day? Did you always think you’d work in fashion?

No two days are the same, but I still have a routine, mostly because I am a mother and my little girl is in school, so whatever I am doing has to fit around her! I travel a lot though so even the routine gets disrupted on a regular basis. I never had a desire to work in fashion and I think I still don’t, which is why I chose to have a blog rather than work for a magazine. I love clothes and I love beautiful things in general, but I am by no means passionate about fashion. I am passionate about cinema, music, travelling and I see fashion as just one small part of a larger lifestyle picture.




How did your blog become so successful? What advice would you give to girls looking to start their own blog?

I am not sure, I think it is a combination of being at right place at the right time, dedication, hard work and a constant struggle to stay relevant!  Keep working and hang in there and make sure you put everything into your blog and make sure you apply yourself. I mean it’s the same advice I would give to anyone doing any kind of creative self-starting job.

Which blogs do you like to follow?

I don’t read too many blogs, I mostly read my friends’ sites when they have them. Reading blogs feels a little too much like work these days!

Who’s your fave person to follow on Instagram?

I really love illustrator Jean Jullien – his drawings never fail to make me smile.

Have you ever had any style disasters?

Ha! So many!! Mostly when I was younger as my dress sense was a little more ‘adventurous’ let’s say. But I never cared as I think fashion is meant to be fun and there isn’t really such a thing as a style disaster – it’s only clothes!

Is there anything you’d never wear?

I don’t think I will ever wear crocs!

What did you think of Centre:Mk SS16 Live?

The shows were brilliant, so much energy! It gave me a real taste for summer! My favourite looks were from M&S and Jigsaw, especially an M&S look from the “utility” trend, which was absolutely stunning!

How did you select your outfit for the SS16 Live showcase?

I was already wearing jeans and my Gucci loafers which are kind of a base, which I wear pretty much every day and I thought I wanted to look chic but not too done up, so I picked the double breasted blazer from the Archive by Alexa collection as the kind of central piece and then added a little blouse also from the Archive by Alexa range. Then I fell in love with this vintage brooch which I found in John Lewis just now. So it was the idea of creating a Parisian style for the weekend.

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