Stephanie Pratt Admits She Edits Her Skin In Selfies

The Made In Chelsea star has some of the best skin in the 'biz. But even she admits to Photoshopping here and there...

Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt has some of the clearest skin in the ‘biz, with many MIC fans keen to know how she gets it looking so flawless.

But Steph’s just let slip a secret. Because yes, whilst alot of it is to do with having great genes and a top cleansing regime, Steph admits that she’s also partial to a little bit of photo editing, too…

Speaking about how she perfects her selfies, the Witch skincare ambassador said: ;You just have to take a hundred selfies until you find one you’re happy.’

stephanie pratt skin

MIC’s Steph has admitted to using Facetune on her skin…

‘I kind of twirl around until the light is right! If I have a spot on my face I won’t hesitate to smooth it out with the Facetune app…  I’ll admit it, I know no-one else admits it!’

Phew! It’s refreshing to hear celebs speaking so candidly about altering their selfies. But what else? Well, here are Steph’s top skin tips..

Your skin is all we talking about in the LOOK office – it’s flawless! What’s your daily skincare routine?

That is so nice! Thank you! I had terrible skin growing up so its always so weird to hear that. I have very sensitive skin so I mainly stick to Dermalogica, Khiels and Simple products. I wash my face every night (no matter what!) I’ll do a light wash in the morning before I put on my moisturiser on. I keep it really simple with a cleanser, daily microfoliant, toner and moisturiser. I love hydrating masks as well.

stephanie pratt made in chelsea no makeup Stephanie Pratt says she swears by Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation

Do you use a particular serum/moisturiser?

In the morning I use Dermologica’s Age Smart Moisturiser with SPF, and at night I use either Dermologica’s Active Moist or Super Rich (depending on how dry my skin is). I love the Clarisonic Pro brush too.

Any tips for perking up your skin following a heavy night? 

I rely on makeup! I love a good under-eye highlighter.. I use one by Givenchy that I love.

Stephanie Pratt with MIC co-star Louise Thompson Stephanie Pratt with MIC co-star Louise Thompson

What foundation do you swear by?

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Are you a fake tan fan?

The biggest! I have my own machine in LA! I’m always after the next best product.

Stephanie Pratt with boyfriend Josh Shepherd Stephanie Pratt with boyfriend Josh Shepherd

How has your skin regime changed since your days in The Hills?

I’m not as adventurous! I don’t just try products any more, I stick with what works for me.

You’re also a pro at the Instagram selfie. What’s your favourite Instagram filter?

Lol. I love Valencia or Nashville.

made in chelsea stephanie pratt There’s no denying Stephanie Pratt is one hell of a beauty

Are you confident to go out without makeup on?

I would say half the time I don’t wear makeup! I like to let my skin breathe as much as I can.