Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt’s Glowy Skin Secrets

All of the Made In Chelsea girls are gorgeous. But week-on-week, it’s LA girl Stephanie Pratt’s impossibly glowing skin that really gets us talking. Just how does she do it?

Well, being the nosy LOOK ladies we are, we decided to find out. Welcome to Steph’s must-have make-up essentials! 

‘I love the Australian Bodycare Anytime Balm (£13.50, 30ml, I carry it everywhere’, she starts. ‘It’s a real problem solver for dry bits like my lips and cuticles.’ 

‘Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is also amazing, it is so hydrating and just makes skin glow’. And for that faux winter sun effect?

‘I like wearing St Tropez fake tan if I’m somewhere where I can’t catch a natural tan’, Steph recommends. ‘Their face moisturiser is great because it’s subtle.’

There’s our winter glow sorted then.

Now, onto make-up. ‘The COLLECTION Work The Colour Eyebrow Palette is really cool’, says Ms Pratt. ‘You can build the colour as it has three shades and has an eyebrow gel too, which I use to tame my brows.’

‘I really like the Avon mascara too. I usually wear water proof, especially if I’m in the UK because you never know what the weather is going to do!’ 

And what are Steph’s tips for keeping her skin in top condition in this dodgy winter weather?

‘I love the A-Derma Rheacalm Soothing Eye Contour Cream as it helps to reduce any puffiness and bags under my eyes, which is a must-have for long days filming!’

‘And I really like the Witch Skincare wipes (£3.05 Superdrug) to take off my make up as they don’t irritate my skin.’ 

Noted. Impossibly glowy blemish-free skin, here we come!

By Robyn Munson