Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie, Lucy And Binky’s Fitness Tips

The Made In Chelsea girls always look totally on top of their fitness game. And we want to steal their workout tips! Which is why we did our research to discover just what Stephanie Pratt, Lucy Watson and Binky Felstead do down the gym, and to steal their top healthy eating tips. Thanks for sharing, ladies.

Stephanie Pratt

Steph loves mixing boxing, cardio and weight-training to keep her fabulous figure. But the LA-born beauty tells us it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work. 

‘I work really hard’, she says. ‘It’s true its 75% diet and 25% workout, so I try and work out 4/5 times a week just to keep my metabolism up.’

And what about her diet? For Steph, it’s all about balance, and not denying yourself the odd treat here or there. Hello, carbs!

‘I eat clean but still indulge. Last night I had courgette ‘pasta’ for dinner and the night before I had pizza… It varies. I work out extra because I know I cant be good all of the time!’ Amen to that.

stephanie pratt and boyfriend josh spencer on holiday Stephanie Pratt admits she works out 4/5 times a week to maintain her gorgeous bod


Lucy Watson

Lucy admits has long been a fan of Heartcore, a high-intensity studio workout also favoured by Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson that combines Pilates, kettlebells, TRX and Barre classes to work your whole body. She also works out a few times a week with her trainer, focusing on ab crunches, deadlifts, planking, squats and burpees.

‘When I started working out with my trainer Ashton Turner, I was clear that I wanted to be toned, not lose weight’, she says. ‘This means that my regime focuses a lot more on strength and core, rather than cardio. The workouts are varied and each time we do different sets of exercise. It keeps it interesting.’

As well as trying to steer clear of alcohol, Lucy also eats clean and green. ‘I have a vegetarian diet so I’m quite healthy. On a good day I’ll have porridge in the morning to give me lots of energy throughout the day, a more carby meal for lunch and then a salad for dinner. I always think it’s better to eat your carbs early, that way you can burn them off throughout the day.’

lucy watson in crop top showing off abs Lucy Watson trains with a personal trainer and eats vegetarian to stay healthy


Binky Felstead

Binky has recently undergone a bit of a body transformation after focusing her attention on getting fit and building her strength at the gym. She now makes sure she does some exercise every day, even if it’s not super intensive.

When working a bit harder she’s a big fan of boot camps and workout classes like tabata, especially if they’re outside. She’s also especially keen on anything that works the core. ‘Lots of sit ups!’, she adds.

‘I’ve never been much of a gym bunny so I decided to turn my front room into my very own work-out space. Every other morning I would move the dining table to one side and have my very own gym space.’

‘The work-outs were really energetic cardio programs and, if I’m honest, my fitness levels were pretty poor and at first I could only manage 45 minutes, but over time I was doing a full hour.’

And as for her healthy eating regime? ‘The foods I love to eat are things like eggs, rye bread, salmon and tomatoes. I also love meat as a way of getting my proteins in and I always try to stay away from massive portions.’

made in chelsea's binky felstead body stomach Binky Felstead reveals she avoids big portions and loves boot camps to whip her into shape