Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson On Shopping And Skincare

The Made In Chelsea cast has been missing a vital member since the new series kicked off. So, where’s Lucy Watson?!

Well, after many panicked fans hit Twitter lamenting the absence of their favourite fiesty SW3 female from the first two episodes, the 24-year-old has spoken up to put people at ease.

‘I haven’t quit #madeinchelse’, she tweeted earlier this week. Phew! Apparently, Lucy was simply ‘away’ when filming for the new series began, but adds: ‘But I am in this series, I have been filming.’ Thank goodness.

In fact, the gorgeous brunette has been busy helping us all look a little more beautiful in a brand new FB Q&A for Wilkinson Sword Women, where she’s answered her fans’ top fashion and beauty questions.

MAde in chelsea's lucy watson filming in blue jumper with short hair Lucy Watson uses Micheal Van Clarke hairspray to keep her shiny locks in place


Check out our highlights:

How do you apply your make-up so that it stays looking fresh all night?

I always moisturise before I apply make up and if I’m using any concealer or foundation I always make sure that I powder it first. A good gel liner never smudges.

What’s your favourite skincare product?

I love the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – it’s really kind to your skin.

made in chelsea's lucy watson in neon training bra Lucy Watson says her vegetarian diet keeps her slim along with her regular gym sessions


How do you manage to look so fabulous. And how do you manage not putting on weight?

I have a vegetarian diet so I’m quite healthy but I also work out a few times a week with a trainer too! 

What’s your favourite cosmetic brand?

Urban Decay or Hourglass for make up and Witch is good for skincare!

How do you keep your curls in your hair to stay curly all day/night?

I rarely curl my hair but if I haven’t washed it that day then it holds the curl better – I always spray my hair with a hairspray from Micheal Van Clarke that smells just like chocolate!

made in chelsea's lucy watson in a cream v neck jumper and beige skirt Lucy Watson reveals tan is her favourite colour to wear, and that she steers clear of neons


What’s your favourite colour right now, and what colour would you NEVER wear on a night out?

My favourite colour right now is tan, it’s really in because of the utility trend. I wouldn’t wear anything neon!

What’s your favourite outfit to wear on a night out?

My go to is always a play suit, I think they’re really flattering, with a court shoe and leather jacket.

What’s your beauty routine when you get ready for a night out?

I shave my legs, moisturise my whole body. Then I’ll straighten my hair and apply a minimal face make up with a heavy eye.

made in chelsea's lucy watson clear skin in car selfie Lucy Watson says she applies minimal face make-up for a night out but always sticks with a heavy eye