Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead Goes All 50 Shades On Us

Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead has been posing up a storm for her latest shoot with Bluebella lingerie.

The 24-year-old reality TV star invites us into the bedroom for her oh-so-sensual modelling gig, where she is seen lounging on silky pink bedsheets wearing the Vivienne set and checking out her reflection in the Skylar Bra and Briefs.

‘They are the most sensual pictures I’ve ever shot. There are just some days when everything comes together and you can honestly say to yourself: “I feel good”. Well, this was one of those days’, Binky said of her sultry shoot.

Award-winning lingerie label Bluebella created the new Official Fifty Shades of Grey range for F&F at Tesco ahead of the movie’s February release, so it’s no wonder Binky feels sexy in it.

Although it wasn’t always that way for our Binks…

‘There have been some proper cringey disasters along the way’, she admits. ‘I was a complete geek who wore big round glasses for a long time.’

Since MIC, Binky has become a firm fashion icon amongst her fans. So where does she love to shop? 

‘My mum always says you look good in a bin bag when you’re young and you don’t need to waste money on expensive designer gear, which is true. I mainly go for the usual high street shops’, she says.

‘I absolutely adore the Bluebella look’, she adds. ‘Yes, it looks sensational in the bedroom, but I wear it all the time – not just one date nights.

‘It makes you feel great if you are out with someone special or slogging through a 14-hour shoot with Made In Chelsea.’

Shop Binky’s lingerie from the shoot below…

By Robyn Munson