Louise Thompson And Alik Alfus: Are They Together?

If you’re as big a Made In Chelsea fan as us, you’ll be wanting to know what’s going on between Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus.

Up until recently, it had seemed that Louise and Alik had figured out a way to keep their long distance romance alive.

But now, fans are worried. Especially after a new Instagram photo posted by Louise Thompson this weekend.

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Louise shared a snap of a hunky looking fella standing in Holland Park in London with the caption: ‘Admiring the wisteria.’

Worried comments from MIC fans quickly rolled in, questioning whether her and Alik had broken up.



‘Alik’s replacement’, assumed one. ‘Broken up?? Who’s this guy’, asked another.

Now, we’re not 100% sure, but we think this is Weez’s personal trainer, who she’s been spending plenty of time with to get her abs into shape. So, could be totally innocent, guys.


Alarm bells have been ringing for the cute couple ever since that episode, however, where Louise was seen flying to New York for crisis talks with her man.


Let’s just say things between Louise and Alik did NOT LOOK OKAY, people.

In one scene, we saw a teary Weez confiding in best pal Rosie Fortescue about her relationship, sobbing: ‘There’s something going on. It’s a gut instinct. I literally cannot lose him’, after Alik was being distant.

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Next, we saw a Skype session between Louise and Alik, whereby Louise was seen asking her New York man: ‘My mind is going crazy, it’s like, what is going on?’

And then came Alik’s bombshell. ‘I’m going to be honest with you’, he replied. ‘I have had opportunities to be with other people. What?! NOOOOOO!


Since her trip to see him, nothing has been mentioned about whether they’re still together on Made In Chelsea, and their Instagram pages aren’t looking too hopeful, TBH.

The pair haven’t been pictured together in nearly two months, with Alik spending plenty of time on boozy trips with his American boys, and Louise focusing on her fitness. 




Long-distance romances are never easy, and many fans had previously questioned why Louise hadn’t moved across the pond to live with Alik yet.

‘I always found [long-distance] easy; he found it a lot harder’, she’s previously admitted. ‘He was the one that was really keen for me to move out there, and I was keen, but I have commitments here that obviously weren’t explained that much [on the show].’



‘It’s quite a big move, moving to America – you’ve got to sort out visas, you’ve got to get a job, you’ve got to rent a place. There’s lots to consider. But I did just visit him. I’m trying to see him as much as possible just to keep things alive, otherwise it’s just weird.’

‘I don’t want it to fizzle out.’

The long-distance lovers didn’t exactly have the smoothest end to 2015 – Louise admitted to cheating on her New York-born beau by drunkenly snogging co-star Elliot after a party, resulting in a devastated Alik having to fly into London for an emergency ‘chat’.

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> Louise has flown out to see boyfriend Alik Alfus in his native New York


And it didn’t end there.

The couple seem to have coped pretty well all year, considering they live on opposite ends of the world, but it all seemed to be getting too much for Alik towards the end of the series.

> Louise shared numerous snaps of boyfriend Alik in New York


After complaining that Louise kept putting off her moving date to New York (after saying she was prepared to leave the UK for her man), Alik was then seen having a heart-to-heart with his dad, who encouraged his son to give his lady a ‘move to NYC or we’re done’ ultimatum.


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> Louise spent the holidays partying with Alik and his friends and family in NY


As expected, it didn’t go down well, with Weez crying and claiming that Alik was putting too much pressure on her. And that’s pretty much where it was left.

But after all the drama, after the Christmas break, Instagram confirmed what all Made In Chelsea fans were wondering about…

> Louise catches Alik having a cheeky bath… Looks like things are back on, then!



Yep, Louise decided to fly to New York to spend the entire Christmas break with her beau.

> Louise and Alik share a cute kiss on NYE…


Between taking dog Buddy for walks, enjoying romantic baths and cosying up in bed together, it looks like these lovers are back on track.


> Alik relaxing with Buddy in his and Louise’s gorgeous Hamptons house


And when Alik whisked Louise off to the Hamptons for a sweet post-New Years vacation, we couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of their cosy wooden cabin.

Aw. We do love these two…

> Louise posted a photo of her and Buddy after one too many New Year’s Eve tipples…