Lydia Bright And Zoe Hardman’s Summer Tips

We caught up with two of TV’s golden girls, Lydia Bright and Zoe Hardman, to chat holidays, beauty tips and protecting your sun from the skin. We can’t wait to board that plane, but in the mean time, who better to get all-things holiday clothes and beauty ready with than Lydia and Zoe? Here’s what they had to say…

LOOK: What does your pre-holiday beauty schedule consist of?

Lydia: “Spray tan. I’m a fair skinned girl and it just gives me a boost. Whilst I’m away I exfoliate, as your skin can go dry, and I make sure I use a really good aftersun too. I always use a strong sunscreen, usually factor 15-20 as I do burn easily.”

Zoe: “I use a lot of body scrubs and face masks to make sure my skin looks fresh and feels soft. I love a golden tan so I always pack a tan maximiser which you can use as an aftersun, and also for a fab hair treatment I love the Morrocan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, it gives you an extra shiny set of locks!:

LOOK: What fab fashion pieces will be in your suitcase?

Lydia: “Great kaftans and cover-ups. Definitely invest in them as you can always throw them on. Make sure you’ve got some amazing throws and glamorous wedges, they make everything look glam. River Island is really great for some embellished pieces, I’ve got loads of bikinis and throws from there.”

Zoe: “Key pieces for this season are my neon yellow high waisted denim shorts from Miss Selfridge which I rocked in Coachella this year, my mid-length printed skirt from River Island, my block colour platforms from Kurt Geiger and my fitted Chanel-esq Jackets which I have in virtually every colour!”

LOOK: Finally ladies, how do you get your bikini body looking so fantastic?

Lydia: “I just try and stay as healthy as I can, for my general health as well. I go for fruit and veg, and if i’m on the go I love sushi. As for exercise, I try and walk a lot, but I don’t follow a strict regime, i just try and build it into my life.”

Zoe: “The thing I always try and do is mix up my exercise regime as gyms can sometimes be very boring! Go for a run with a friend, do interval training in the park, go boxing, try a bike ride…whatever you do make it fun…it’ll be worth it in the end!”

Lydia Bright and Zoe Hardman are ambassadors for ‘FLAG IT’ – a Department of Health sun care campaign to encourage friends to “flag it” if they see a friend that needs to cover up or apply some sunscreen.