Luke Kirby looking dapper at the Take This Waltz film premiere, 2012

Luke Kirby: “I Had Instant Chemistry With Michelle Williams”

What do you do if you’ve married ‘The One’ then meet the real man of your dreams afterwards? Take This Waltz stars Michelle Williams (in some beautiful dresses FYI) and Luke Kirby as lovers who can’t be together; stealing moments and battling not to give in to their feelings. Here Canadian actor Luke, 34, talks love and tells us why working with Michelle was so much fun.

Look: Luke, you strip off in the film. Did you work out much beforehand?

Luke Kirby: Oh, I had to work out so much! When I got the job I’d just got back from a three-week road trip with my girlfriend. I’d been drinking, overeating, smoking and generally indulging. All those good things were quickly plucked from my life and I hit training hard. The day we finished filming I ordered fried chicken, fries, gravy and beers.

Look: Why did the role appeal to you?

Luke Kirby: I was immediately drawn to it, I kind of felt haunted and quite shaken by it. I believe in love at first sight and I feel sometimes you have to just be open to whatever love is and let yourself fall.

Look: Was there a real chemistry between you and Michelle?

Luke Kirby: Yes, and in many ways it was good I didn’t know her before because in the story we begin as strangers. The first scene we shot was one in the martini bar [where they try to resist each other], so we really understood the degree of heat between them. There was a kind of magic in the air. It helped that there is something rooted in Michelle, which is so magnetic. I really had to raise my game!

Look: Do you think a lot of relationships face a similar test?

Luke Kirby: I think most people will relate to it because we are these weird creatures that have these senses they need to be entertained constantly. The film treats people fairly, but it’s left to the viewer to judge for themselves.

Take This Waltz is out now and you can check out the trailer below…